Alexander Rybak Nordic Music Celebration

Alexander Rybak

🇳🇴 Norway 2009

🇳🇴 Norway 2018

Get ready to witness the magic of Alexander Rybak, one of Norway’s biggest Eurovision stars! This talented singer, songwriter, and violinist enchants the stage at Nordic Music Celebration 2024! 

Efendi Nordic Music Celebration


🇦🇿Azerbaijan 2020

🇦🇿Azerbaijan 2021

Get ready to be captivated by the incredible Efendi from Azerbaijan! Known for her Eurovision hits like “Cleopatra” and “Mata Hari”, she’s bringing the heat! 

Bettan Nordin Music Celebration Eurovision Concert Oslo

Elisabeth  “Bettan”

🇸🇪 Sweden 1982

🇳🇴 Norway 1985

🇳🇴 Norway 1994

🇳🇴 Norway 1996

From Norway’s historic 1985 triumph to captivating performances in Sweden, her journey is one for the books!

Emmelie De Forrest Eurovision concert Oslo

Emmelie de Forest

🇩🇰 Denmark 2013

The celebrated Danish singer-songwriter, Emmelie won the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö with the mesmerising “Only Teardrops”



🇳🇴 MGP 2022, 2024

Farida, celebrated songwriter and MGP sensation, known for her MGP hits «Dangerous» (2022) and «Heartache» (2024), will join the celebration! 

Her Björk Eurovision Concert Oslo

Hera Björk

🇮🇸 Iceland 2010

The Icelandic singer, known for her Eurovision 2010 hit “Je ne sais quoi,” will grace the stage on April 20th at Rockefeller in Oslo!



🇸🇪 Sweden 1984

This Swedish pop trio, comprised of the talented Mormon brothers Per, Richard, and Louis, captured the hearts of audiences and won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1984 with their timeless hit “Diggi-loo diggi-ley.”

JOWST and Aleksander Walmann

JOWST & Aleksander Walmann

🇳🇴 Norway 2017

Get ready for a dynamic duo at the Nordic Music Celebration: Eurovision Night 2024! Jowst, the talented Norwegian music producer, joins forces with vocalist Aleksander Walmann to bring their Eurovision hit “Grab the Moment” live on stage.

Jone MGP 2023


🇳🇴 MGP 2023

Rising star Jone participated in the MGP 2023 and became an instant fan favorite. He placed 5th in the final with his hit “Ekko Inni Meg”. With over 12 million Spotify streams, this earworm is a must-have in the Nordic Music Celebration line-up!

Krista Siegfrids

Krista Siegfrids

🇫🇮 Finland 2013

Representing Finland and internationally renowned for her 2013 Eurovision hit “MarryMe,”Krista is set to bring her vibrant energy to the Nordic Music Celebration 🎉

Lidia Isac

🇲🇩 Moldova 2016

Known for representing Moldova with the mesmerizing “Falling Stars,” Lidia is set to grace our stage as an international guest artist 

Luke Black Eurovision Concert Oslo

Luke Black

🇷🇸 Serbia 2023

 Our international guest artist from Serbia! He cast a spell at Eurovision 2023 with «Samo mi se spava» ✨



🇵🇱 Poland 2024

Luna is representing Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 and is set to perform her powerful song “The Tower” live on our stage



🇳🇴 MGP 2024

Mileo, the Australian-Norwegian singer-songwriter took fans by storm around the world after his MGP debut! Get ready to immerse yourself into his darkly imaginative music when he performs “You’re Mine”.

Skrellex Nordic Music Celebration


🇳🇴 MGP 2023

Known for the show-stopping performance of “Love Again” at MGP 2023, Skrellex is more than just a drag queen. She’s the complete package: a phenomenal vocalist, a dazzling dancer, and she has a generous sprinkle of humour!

Subwoolfer Eurovision Concert Oslo


🇳🇴 Norway 2022

Known for their Eurovision 2022 hit “Give That Wolf a Banana”! Back where the journey began, Subwoolfer is calling on all music lovers to join them in Oslo!

Sunstroke Project Nordic Music Celebration

Sunstroke Project

🇲🇩 Moldova 2010 

🇲🇩 Moldova 2017

Our international guests from Moldova! They are known for Eurovision hits such as “Run Away” and “Hey Mama”, and Sergey Stepanov became an internet sensation as the “Epic Sax Guy”!