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Nordic Music Celebration’s Eurovision Night releases full line-up!

Nordic Music Celebration proudly presents the debut of “Eurovision Night,” an event dedicated to showcasing talents of the Nordic region and beyond in connection with the Eurovision Song Contest. This event marks the first time that Norway will be part of the promotional tour leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest.

After a long tour across Europe, Marcus & Martinus, the Swedish representatives of this year, will perform their Eurovision song for the Norwegian audience. Gåte, the Norwegian entry for this year’s Eurovision, will perform their epic folk rock song “Ulveham”. The evening’s program also features performances by this year’s entries from Denmark, Iceland and Poland, alongside iconic Nordic Eurovision Song Contest winners including Herreys (Sweden 1984), Bobbysocks (Norway 1985), Alexander Rybak (Norway 2009), and Emmelie de Forest (Denmark 2013). The line up also includes a mix of MGP fan favorites and international guest performances.

The creation of the Eurovision Night has been drawn from inspiration from renowned pre-parties across Europe. It is a fantastic opportunity for fans to take part in festivities nearby.” – Morten Thomassen, president of OGAE Norway.

He adds: “The Nordics have been doing well in Eurovision recently and plenty of Nordic talent is waiting to be showcased. It is incredible to have some previous Nordic winners celebrate with us too. Who knows, maybe this year’s Eurovision winner will show up on our stage.”

The full line up includes Alexander Rybak, Bobbysocks, Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo, Efendi, Elisabeth Andreassen, Emmelie de Forest, Farida, Gåte, Hanne Krogh, Hera Björk, Herreys, Jone, JOWST & Aleksander Walmann, Kate Gulbrandsen, Krista Siegfrids, Lidia Isac, Luke Black, Luna, Marcus & Martinus, Mileo, Saba, Skrellex, Subwoolfer and Sunstroke Project.

Eurovision Song Contest enthusiast Marte Stokstad is set to host the first edition of Nordic Music Celebration’s Eurovision Night. The television and radio personality embarked on her Eurovision journey in 2010 as co-host of MGP. Since then, she has taken on roles such as NRK’s “Adresse” host and Eurovision commentator, solidifying her connection to Eurovision over the years.

Marte Stokstad looks forward to hosting Eurovision Night and she cannot wait to see everyone gathered on one stage. Stokstad: “I am ecstatic that there finally will be a Eurovision party in Norway, it is long overdue. This show contains a perfect mix of past and present Eurovision stars. And as a Eurovision fan, you seriously need a good reason not to attend the party of a lifetime.

It is especially exciting that both Gåte and Marcus & Martinus will be there, leading up to Eurovision in Malmö“, she adds.

We look forward to welcoming you to an unforgettable evening of music, celebration and Nordic culture.